Why do limited production and pre orders?

Although we do carry stock items, most of Diameter Apparel is made to order. One of the main reasons we do this is enviromental protection. Dead stock takes up resourses that could have been used for products people want to wear. We want to keep our gear off the shelves and on the backs of our customers and players.

How can my club or charity get involved?

We are always loking for likeminded partners. Does your club wants to run a fundraising event for new baskets, do you have a charity you want to support? Reach out to us on our cantact page and we will work our hardest to help you out.

Is your gear true to fit?

Yes! But make sure you reference our sizing charts to make sure you are getting the proper fit.

Its been a while and I still dont have my apparel?

First off, make sure you check if you made a pre-order or instock item order. With hot new releases, demand can slow down the manufaturing and delivery. You will receive progress emails to keep you informed on how things are going. If you have not received any information from us, please email us with your concerns.